Sided sleeve case only extreme slim. 

Imported TPU materials, environmental protection and safety, one injection molding, seamless fight oxidation. Internal optical drying grain, not sparkling sticky, invisible screen does not block the light.  A perfect fit: the introduction of Germany advanced CNC technology ultra light thin bed, perfect fit body, not loose more beautiful. With eye-catching appearance like being filler metal which create to comfortable feeling, soft to touch. Shaped into an organic whole to achieve both top piece, has perfect appearance, and has strong ability to protect.

Selfie stick case phone back shell with integrated telescopic tubes, usually completely housed in the back of the phone shell, and when needed to keep the tubes pulled out and extended, eventually become a selfie shots. The entire root length reached 72 cm, think this is a big enough range of the selfie. The greatest feature is included with the pull with the use itself is connected with the phone, the phone completely installed to save the selfie lever and time you want to connect.